Sony announces virtual reality headset for the PS5



Sony continues to believe in virtual reality. As the Japanese company has now announced, it is working on a new version of PlayStation VR for the PS5.

PlayStation VR was originally made for the PS4. Since the PS5 is backwards compatible with the PS4, you can also use the virtual reality headset for the PS5 – but only with your own adapter.

Everything better

The new virtual reality headset for the PS5 is supposed to do everything better than the previous model. So there should only be a single cable that connects the headset to the console. With the current PlayStation VR, there are several thick cables, so there is a risk of tripping when playing while standing.

The new headset should offer a larger field of view, have a higher resolution and enable better tracking of the player’s movements. There will also be a new controller which, according to Sony, should offer “great ergonomics”. The new controller will take over features of the PS5 controller. Presumably this refers to the adaptive trigger buttons.

The new virtual reality headset won’t appear until next year. When exactly and how much it will cost is not yet known. There are also no pictures yet.


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