Sony applies for a patent on the use of banana as a PlayStation controller

The patent revolves around “a system with an object detector and an object attitude detector” where the object does not contain special stickers, wiring or other protrusions to indicate its location. Sony gives the example of a banana.

The system should be able to visually recognize the shape of that banana via artificial intelligence, and then transmit signals to a game based on the attitude of the banana.

So hypothetically you could control a game by moving a banana up and down. Sony even helpfully indicates in the patent how one side of the banana could mimic an X button and the other side a triangle button.

No fruit basket yet

It is “desirable” if users could use a cheap, non-electronic object as a controller, Sony concludes. That does not necessarily have to be a banana.

Companies regularly file patents for ideas that they will not actually market. Whether Sony will actually come up with a way to use your fruit basket as a game controller is still far from certain.


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