Sony could turn a banana into a PlayStation controller

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Sony has secured an unusual patent for its PlayStation. The system makes it possible to use everyday objects (“non-electronic devices”) such as a banana instead of the regular controller. They should be able to be used “inexpensively and simply” for video games. The patent was first discovered by

As strange as that sounds, the technology behind it is not absurd. A camera is supposed to scan and track “non-luminous, passive” objects and then give them a function. The banana is held in the camera, the system recognizes it and distributes the PlayStation buttons on the object.

Double banana controller

The banana controller could function as a joystick or as a supplement to master certain passages in the game. The camera should also be able to capture several objects at the same time. This could be used, for example, to use two bananas, for example for fighting or shooting, or turn two oranges into a steering wheel. If you want to play in multiplayer and don’t have enough controllers in the house or your own controller is defective, you could at least use this as a short-term solution.

With the system, Sony is also targeting owners of virtual reality headsets. In combination with the camera, this could display virtual PlayStation buttons on the respective object. Sony is currently working on PSVR 2, where the patent could be implemented. It remains to be seen whether the idea remains or whether players will actually soon control their PlayStation with fruit and vegetables.


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