Sony DSX-A510BD: car radio in the test (2022)

Retrofit car radios often have a fairly large installation depth – but not every car has a lot of space behind the dashboard. With an installation depth of 13 centimetres, the Sony DSX-A510DB is one of the more compact radios. But the compact design does not mean that you have to do without equipment such as Bluetooth, digital radio or Apple CarPlay. In the 2022 AUTO BILD car radio test, the Sony DSX-A510BD scored 236 out of a possible 300 points, giving it a rating of 2.3 (“good”). (You can read all the results in our car radio test.)

product test

  • Compact design
  • very good equipment
  • good reception
  • Operation takes some getting used to

Price €149.00

Sony DSX-A510DB in the car radio test

Furnishing: The equipment of the Sony DSX-A510DB is quite extensive. In addition to a USB and an Aux connection, there are also connections for an amplifier. Also on the back of the radio you can find a connection for a subwoofer. The radio can be controlled via app. Several mobile phones can be connected to the radio via Bluetooth. Small downside: The display color cannot be changed and adapted to the car’s instrument lighting. To keep your hands free at the wheel, it is equipped with a hands-free system with an integrated microphone.

“Equipment” rating: 35 out of 45 points

Installation: Anyone who has opted for the Sony DSX-A510DB will have to dig into their pockets again in order to be able to install it correctly: A DAB+ antenna is not included with the radio. If the car is equipped with DIN plugs, connecting the radio is very easy because a suitable adapter is included. The design is very compact with an installation depth of 13 centimeters and should therefore be easy to install in most cars.

“Installation” rating: 30 out of 50 points

Service: The operating instructions are clear and easy to understand – unfortunately, the same cannot be said of the Sony DSX-A150BD’s control panel. At first glance, it looks structured, but also overloaded. The functions of the buttons are only recognizable on closer inspection. After all, they are easy to feel – so if you know which button has which function, operating it while driving is easy. Connecting the mobile phone to the radio via Bluetooth is a bit more complex. But once the connection is established, the connection is very stable. Music files can also be played from a USB stick if they are stored in a folder. However, switching between the folders is only possible by zapping through the music files. Both FM and DAB+ reception are stable, with minor dropouts in the tunnel. The stations are easy to find and save. The hands-free system is equipped with a microphone integrated into the radio, which means that the quality suffers somewhat. But it’s still quite acceptable.

“Service” rating: 121 out of 150 points

Quality: The processing quality and the material appearance of the Sony DSX-A510DB appear to be of very high quality. The buttons feel pleasant and the radio responds promptly. The radio worked quickly and reliably throughout the test. If the ignition is switched off, there is no measurable leakage current. Too bad: the instrument lighting can only be dimmed via a radio menu, not via the car’s light switch. But at least this way you can avoid dazzling the radio lighting at night.

“Quality” rating: 50 out of 55 points

Conclusion: The Sony DSX-A510BD is a compact DAB+ radio with great features. Whether Apple CarPlay, Bluetooth or a hands-free system: the Sony radio has everything on board. Only the operation does not seem particularly intuitive at first glance and takes some time to get used to. Nevertheless, it is definitely worth recommending.

Facts about the Sony DSX-A510DB

Furnishing: Bluetooth, hands-free, USB, AUX, DAB+, Apple Car Play
Playback formats: MP3, WMA, FLAC, SBC, AAC
Perfomance: 4 x 55 watts
Price: 150 euros (RRP)

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