Sony is doing better than expected with PlayStation 5 sales

Sony has announced its financial results. Since the release of the PlayStation 5, it has outperformed the PlayStation 4 in the early days.

Sony has already sold 7.8 million copies of the PlayStation 5. In the first period that the PlayStation 4 was on sale, in 2014, seven million copies were sold. So the PS5 is doing ten percent better. 7.6 million consoles were predicted to be sold, so the PS5 fared slightly better than expected. Even with the problems they have to deliver the console.

It has now been six months since the console has been on the market, but many people are still struggling to buy it. There are also quite a few people who have ordered multiple consoles and are trying to sell online for double the price.

PlayStation 2 best-selling console ever

The PS4 has already sold a total of 115.9 million consoles since 2014. In fiscal year 2020, only 400,000 copies were sold less than in fiscal year 2019. It is Sony’s second-best-selling console. The PlayStation 2, which came out in 2000, is still number 1 with 155 million consoles sold. Not only is it Sony’s best-selling console, but it’s also the best-selling console ever.

Most revenue from in-game purchases

Sony’s results also showed that they derive only 5 percent of their revenue from the sale of physical games. Consoles and other hardware hit 20 percent and digital game sales 21 percent. They generated the largest turnover from advertising in games and in-game purchases. This includes, for example, the microtransactions that are done in games such as Call Of Duty: Warzone, Fortnite and FIFA.


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