Sony is expecting bottlenecks for months


The new PlayStation 5 game console could be difficult to come by for months, given the semiconductor shortage. Sony expects that the delivery situation will gradually improve in the course of the year, said division chief Jim Ryan of the Financial Times (FT).

However, he gave no guarantee that there would be enough devices for everyone interested in this year’s Christmas business. One wants to supply the European markets with more consoles, Ryan told the world.

Sony sold 4.5 million PlayStation 5 devices in November and December – but interest had been much greater. The delivery bottlenecks were particularly painful for the group, as video games are experiencing a boom in the corona pandemic and, above all, the competitor Nintendo cleared the market with its Switch console in the Christmas business.

VR glasses

Ryan also announced new VR glasses for the PlayStation on Tuesday. Sony initially leaves it open when exactly it will come onto the market. One has learned from the development of the predecessor headset – “be it that we are moving to a much simpler connection with only one cable or that we are further lowering the requirements for game developers,” Ryan told the world.

The new headset should also offer a larger field of view, have a higher resolution and enable better tracking of the player’s movements. There will also be a new controller which, according to Sony, should offer “great ergonomics”.

VR as a growth area

The group sees in the virtual reality a strategically important growth area, assured Ryan. Sony believes in the future of VR and that technology will be an important part of interactive entertainment, he emphasized in the Washington Post. At the same time, it is still some time away: “Will it be this year? No. Will it be next year? No. But will it happen at a certain point? We are convinced of that.”


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