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Sony is working on an animation film about K-pop superheroes

Sony Pictures Animation is currently working on an animation film in which a K-pop group is central. But it is no ordinary K-pop group because the girls in the group – when they are not on stage – hunt demons. For the film, Sony brought in a lot of big names who previously worked on, among others Shrek, Raya and the Dragon and Big Hero 6.

K-pop is more popular than ever today. With a Grammy nomination for BTS, a Netflix private documentary for Blackpink and a collaboration with Marvel for SuperM. And now Sony Pictures is also jumping on the K-pop train.

K-pop: Demon Hunters

Sony Pictures Animation is working on a film about a K-pop group. But what their fans don’t know is that the girls live a completely different life behind the scenes. When not on stage, they spend their time hunting evil demons.

The animation will be directed by the duo Maggie Kang and Chris Appelhans. Kang herself is of Korean descent and thus returns to her roots with the project. In the past Kang has already contributed to, among other things Puss In Boots, Madagascar 2 and Kung Fu Panda 3. Chris Appelhans has already contributed to, among other things Coraline and The Pincess and the Frog.

“Love letter to K-pop and Korea”

The film will also spotlight broader Korean culture. So there will also be attention for Korean fashion and Korean food. Maggie Kang is thrilled to be able to make a film about her own roots.

“I’ve been a fan of K-pop since the early 90’s, so this film will be a love letter to K-pop and my Korean roots,” Kang explains. “It encompasses and celebrates everything K-pop is. It’s the movie I’d like to see as a huge fan of the genre and I hope the millions of K-pop fans worldwide will feel the same way. ”

The American Appelhans is also completely satisfied with the project. “I always wanted to make a film about the power of music. The power to unite, bring joy and build communities, ”he explains. And he clearly finds that power in K-pop. “K-Pop is the best embodiment of this right now and we are very excited to honor and show that through the lens of animation.”

Experienced animators

The film can count on several experienced animators. This is how Aron Warner (Shrek), Hannah McMechan and Danya Jimenez (Luna Likes), Mingjue Helen Chen (Raya and the Last Dragon, Big Hero 6) and Ami Thompson (Raya and the Last Dragon, Ralph Breaks the Internet) already participate in the K-pop: Demon Hunters.


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