Sony: PS5 remains in short supply this year

Sony wants to increase production volumes for the PS5 this year. However, the console will continue to be scarce.

Sony commented on the Playstation 5 shortage this week. The company plans to increase production volumes from 11.2 to 18 million units in the current fiscal year, which runs from April 2022 to March 2023.

Sony wants to produce 18 million consoles

However, according to the company, the increase may still not be enough to fully cover demand. According to Hiroki Totoki, CFO and executive deputy president at Sony, demand is higher than the planned 18 million units. The retail inventory of PS5 consoles is currently still very low and the company is “still behind in terms of timely and smooth delivery of the consoles,” Totoki said.

PS5 still in short supply worldwide

Worldwide, the Playstation 5 devices are still sold out within a few minutes as soon as an online retailer increases its contingent. On platforms like Ebay, the consoles are traded at an average of 200 to 300 euros above the recommended retail price. Sony can guarantee its own information that it will be able to procure enough components for the planned 18 million units. But in order to meet future demand, the group must first make up for the current production deficit.

Sony had to correct its forecast for 2021 downwards

Last year, Sony’s forecasts were too optimistic. Originally, the company wanted to produce 16 million PS5 consoles. Due to the shortage of component supply, this eventually turned into just 11.2 million units. It remains to be seen whether Sony will also have to downgrade this year’s forecast of 18 million units.

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