Sony releases system update for PS4 and PS5

Sony has given the two consoles Playstation 4 and Playstation 5 a system update with new functions.

With new system versions, Sony provides new features on the Playstation 5 at regular intervals. The aging Playstation 4 is also still being updated. The manufacturer is currently delivering updates 22.01-05.00 for PS5 and version 9.5 for PS4. In a previous beta, players were able to test some of the new functions extensively.

Multitasking and Instructions

The updates focus on optimizations of the PS5 user interface. Sony also has accessibility in mind, for example mono audio can be output via headphones. In addition, presettings can be made for all games. Anyone who wants can fix videos or apps on the screen while playing or share their display with other players. Sony provides instructions for this in the form of professional cards directly on the console. This explains how multitasking or the trophy tracker works.

chats and apps

Voice chats can be declared as “open” or “closed” on both consoles. Closed chats can only be joined by invitation. In open chats, on the other hand, all people from your own friends list can participate. Sony has also implemented a feature on the PS4 that allows certain people in a chat to be made louder or quieter. This was previously possible on the PS5. As part of the update, the Playstation app was also updated. The user interface has been adjusted here and a dark mode has been integrated. Those who want to stream their games via the Remote Play app will now find new languages ​​in the application.

VRR is still a long time coming

Unfortunately, the support for Variable Refresh Rate (VRR) long awaited by gamers did not make it into the update for the Playstation 5. According to Sony, the function should appear “soon”. This allows users with a TV that supports HDMI 2.1 to display a variable refresh sequence on their TV. In this case, the television and console always work with the pale refresh rate. As a result, stuttering should be less noticeable, screen tearing should occur less frequently and games should generally run more smoothly.

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