Sony wants to show ads in Playstation games

Sony wants to place ads in free Playstation games to help developers with financing.

According to a report, Sony plans to place ads in free Playstation games in the future. The ads should appear directly in the games and offer developers another opportunity to earn money with their titles, even if they are actually offered for free in the Playstation Store.

Rewards possible for players

The start of advertisements in Playstation games can be expected towards the end of the year. Sony wants to display the ads in inconspicuous places in the game, for example in leaderboards. In addition, rewards for players who look at advertisements are also conceivable. The sale of the advertising space in the Playstation games is to take place via private marketplaces. However, according to Business Insider’s report, Sony has not yet decided whether part of the advertising revenue should remain with the platform operator. A decision would also be made on the sale of customer data to publishers and developers. An official statement from Sony is currently pending.

Microsoft also plans to advertise in games

Competitor Microsoft revealed its plans for a similar concept just last week. Here, too, free Xbox games are to be provided with advertising. Microsoft also wants to start with it at the end of the year. The group will not demand any deductions from the advertising revenue.

risks and side effects

It could still be difficult for both companies to find suitable advertising partners. Placing the ads next to violent adult content could deter advertisers. Tracking users is also difficult. Microsoft is also concerned that players may feel too disturbed by the advertisements.

Study: Advertising in games is hardly noticed

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