Sony will announce PlayStation 5 games on June 4

That will happen during a digital presentation, Sony promises. It is unclear whether more information about the game console itself will be shared immediately.

So far, Sony has already released a few details about the game console, such as the appearance of the controller and the technical specifications. The design of the device itself and the exact date of sale are not yet known, although Sony promises that the device will be on the shelves before the end of 2020.

On schedule

Many companies have postponed products or presentations due to complications from the corona virus. At the beginning of this year, many Chinese factories were shut down by quarantines in the country.

“Many people are surprised that we are still on schedule,” PlayStation boss Jim Ryan told The Financial Times. “but we think enough consoles will be made to start selling worldwide.”

Ray tracing

The PlayStation 5 gets support for ray tracing, which allows for realistic lighting effects and reflections. A built-in SSD should significantly reduce loading times. In addition, the console also supports games for old Sony game consoles.

Sony is not alone in working on a new generation of consoles: Microsoft also wants to sell its Xbox Series X at the end of this year.


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