Sony will bring Discord to PlayStation consoles early next year

Sony and Discord have officially entered into a partnership. The partners want to integrate Discord into PlayStation consoles from next year. Exactly how that will work out is still unknown.

In the news: Sony and Discord have announced a partnership that will see the two companies bring the popular gamer chat program to PlayStation. Apparently Sony has been able to secure a better deal with Discord than Microsoft. The producer of the Xbox had plans to acquire Discord, but that plan was canceled in late April. Microsoft has only become a small shareholder in Discord and was able to transfer some minor features to the Xbox. Meanwhile, rumors are circulating that Discord is planning an IPO in the meantime.

How will Discord work on the PlayStation? We do not know yet. Discord has never been fully integrated on Xbox consoles. We can glean some information from the Sony and Discord press release:

  • “ Friends will not only be able to see what you play on the PS5 on Discord (as is the case with Xbox games now, ed.), It will become an alternative chat option for everyone with a Sony system, ” it says. the announcement.
  • So there is a good chance that there will be deep anchoring of Discord on the PlayStation consoles. Possibly even with cross-platform voice chat between PlayStation and Discord.
  • Sony certainly wants to make the change by early 2022. That corresponds to a major transformation of their product line, which was announced on the roadmap from the PS5.

Painful for Microsoft because: The company came very close to a full acquisition of Discord in April. That bird has now started flying. Discord is estimated by some experts at a market value of $ 10 billion. Certainly after the deal with Sony, the technology company realizes its own market value and will start looking even more towards an IPO. Discord will almost certainly go its own way now.

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