soon 3D printed parts?

Taking advantage of new technologies, Porsche has just unveiled the first 3D printed electric drive unit.

3D printing opens a new chapter in industrial manufacturing. It can be used to shape new, complex shapes, improve part performance, while controlling manufacturing costs. Now interested in technology, Porsche has just lifted the veil on its first 3D printed electrical box.

This box, intended for the electric motor and the two-speed gearbox of the Porsche Taycan, is made entirely from an alloy. Like most other parts resulting from this technology, this one pushes its technical characteristics even further. Thanks to a specific structure that can only be produced in 3D printing, the case is more rigid in the areas under stress while being approximately 40% lighter.

A reduction in weight, but also in production time

With some of the freedoms offered by the 3D design, engineers were also able to improve the cooling of the entire electric traction unit. In addition, some parts could be directly integrated into the case, reducing production time by 20 minutes by eliminating 40 work steps.

Porsche has not commented on possible mass production. However, Zuffenhausen reported that the early prototypes passed the usual quality and reliability checks.


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