Sophie Wilmès (MR) tests positive for coronavirus

Ex-Prime Minister and current Minister of Foreign Affairs Sophie Wilmès of MR has tested positive for the corona virus. She announced this herself via Twitter. That infection probably happened in a family circle, Wilmès says.

“The result of my Covid test is positive”, Sophie Wilmès writes on Twitter. “An infection that may have occurred in a family circle, given the precautions I have taken outside the home.”

“Nobody is safe”

She completes herself with a sad observation. “The multiplication of cases, unfortunately, reminds us that no one is safe. Take care of yourself and especially for each other. ”


Yesterday she announced that she had suspicious symptoms and would contact her doctor for a test. Since she started showing symptoms, Wilmès has been quarantined. The Consultation Committee of the various governments yesterday therefore did not physically attend them.

“There are no positive cases in my entourage and with colleagues and my team I have always respected barrier gestures,” she wrote on Twitter. “Still, it is better to be careful.” Given the result of her test, Wilmès certainly made the right decision yesterday.


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