Sorrowful Jordan “feels everyone’s pain” and wants to see change

WASHINGTON ( – Michael Jordan has called for change in the United States through a statement. “It is enough”, writes the basketball legend about the death of George Floyd. It has been very restless for days in the US.

“I am deeply sad, angry and pained. I feel everyone’s pain and indignation,” said 57-year-old Jordan. “I support the people who want to stop the ingrained racism against dark people.”

Jordan believes that people should make themselves heard, but in an appropriate way. In recent days, many shops have been looted, police cars set on fire and buildings destroyed. “We must continue peacefully to fight injustice and take our responsibility,” said the US sports hero.

“Our voice must increase the pressure on leaders to change the rules or else we must use our right to vote for rigorous changes. I don’t have the answers, but our collective voice shows strength; we don’t get separated by others.”

Serena Williams shared a message from her sponsor Nike earlier today, which replaced the slogan ‘Just Do It’ with ‘For Once: Don’t Do It’. “We shouldn’t pretend it’s not a problem in the United States,” Williams wrote in the video.

Remarkably, the Nike video was shared by competitor Adidas. “Only together can we change this,” said Adidas’s comment.

Many other great athletes also speak out about the case. “George was murdered. George was no man for that cop who took his life slowly and on purpose,” Golden State Warriors basketball player Stephen Curry wrote on social media a few days ago.


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