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‘Soul’ will be released on Disney + at Christmas

Soul will not get a grand premiere in the cinema, but will go straight to Disney +. That is, of course, a result of the corona crisis. The release of Soul was normally scheduled last June.

Disney is a fan of Christmas presents, apparently! The studio will release its newest film on Christmas, December 25 Soul. It would normally have premiered last June, but due to the corona crisis, that release date was postponed to November.

To Disney +

With the pandemic gaining momentum around the world, and several movie theater chains closing down, Disney has decided to Soul no so-called theatrical release to give. Instead of in the cinema, the film will now be immediately available on streaming platform Disney +. In countries where Disney + is not yet available in December, Soul do go to the cinema.

Disney CEO Bob Chapek announced the change. “We are delighted to have Pixar’s spectacular and endearing film Soul share directly with you through Disney + in December, ”he said. “A new Pixar movie is always a special occasion, and this is a really heartwarming and funny story of human connection and finding your place in the world.”

No Premiere Access

For the time being there is no question of one Premiere Access. That is, Disney + viewers will not have to pay extra for Soul to view. With the live action version of Mulan that was the case. That film would normally be released in March, but was postponed several times due to the outbreak of the crisis, and ultimately did not make it to the cinema.

Who Mulan want to view must pay an extra fee in addition to a subscription. The film will be included everywhere in the package on December 4.


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