Sources in The Hague: further tightening of lockdown threatens, hotels and more shops may close | Inland

The Hague insiders report this to De Telegraaf. In the debate about the cabinet’s vaccination policy against the corona virus, Prime Minister Rutte hinted that there is little chance that the cabinet will close the Netherlands on 19 January. He said “not to be happy” about the latest infection figures.

Germany is also on the verge of extending the lockdown until at least the end of January. Anyone living in a badly affected region will soon be no more than 15 kilometers from home. The cabinet is looking at Germany here with interest, although the options lie in a different area. In addition to hotels, the government is also looking at the shops. Now all shops that sell food can remain open. “While they are not all essential,” says one person concerned.

Rutte and Corona Minister De Jonge officially decide on Tuesday, January 12 whether the Netherlands will remain locked for longer. “Just assume an extension,” confirms an initiate.

Hospitality and schools

This means that not only the catering industry, but also all non-essential stores will remain closed for longer. What it means for the schools is still the question. The Outbreak Management Team (OMT) is currently studying what the highly contagious British virus mutant means for spreading among children. If it turns out that this variant is indeed spreading faster among children, the schools will remain closed, a source reports to the cabinet.

The pressure on healthcare, which is currently high, is particularly important for extending the lockdown. The cabinet has previously indicated that it only wants to consider alleviation again if no more than 10 corona patients end up in intensive care every day. Now there are more than fifteen.

Prime Minister Rutte is already tempering expectations. “I am not very hopeful about what will be possible after January 19th.”


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