Sources: “Trump was much sicker of Covid-19 than his entourage suggested”

When Donald Trump was hospitalized with COVID-19 in October, he was much sicker than his entourage would admit. The New York Times reports this on the basis of “four people who were familiar with his condition”.

The insiders say his oxygen saturation – the amount of oxygen in the blood – was over 80 percent. That’s well below the 90 percent threshold. Below that level, the disease is considered serious. Covid-19 also caused a “lung problem associated with pneumonia” in Donald Trump, according to witnesses.

Artificial ventilation

Before Trump was taken by helicopter to Walter Reed military hospital, his entourage feared that he would have to be ventilated. That’s what corona patients in intensive care usually get. Then the lung function is impaired to such an extent that a respirator takes over or supports the patient’s breathing.

News channel CNN also cites a source that said that there was a discussion about whether or not to ventilate the president.

According to The New York Times sources, Trump did not want to leave the White House. He did not agree to the trip to the hospital until his assistants told him he might be carried out by the Secret Service if he didn’t go while he was still able to.

Once Trump was diagnosed with Covid-19, the White House tried to get the FDA to get the drug regulator to approve the cocktail of antibodies called Regeneron as soon as possible.

Trump was also given the steroid dexamethasone, which is normally only given to patients who are in bad shape. When the then American president was released from hospital, he called on the population in a video message to “not be afraid of Covid”. Since then, the US death toll has risen from 210,000 to 475,000 dead.


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