Sp.a vetoes MR

Sp.a has vetoed MR. As long as president Georges-Louis Bouchez remains at the table, the Flemish socialists do not want to negotiate further about a new federal government.

That would be the conclusion after an electronic party agency, various media report. However, there is no official announcement from President Conner Rousseau yet.

And now?

The preformation talks broke down last weekend. The reason was frustration with Bouchez’s attitude. It is not immediately clear how things should proceed. In theory, the French-speaking Christian Democrats of cdH Vivaldi could “delay” in order to gain a majority. But then preformer and Open Vld chairman Egbert Lachaert would have to be prepared to dissolve the French-speaking liberals.

An interview with King Filip

In any case, Lachaert and co-preformateur Rousseau have to go to the king today. For the weekend, the assignment was to nominate a formateur and therefore candidate prime minister, but there seems to be no chance that this will still work.


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