Space-aged bottle of wine should bring in $ 1 million | Financial

An exclusive bottle of Bordeaux wine, under the name of Petrus, which has spent more than a year in space, goes under the hammer there. The value is estimated by Christie’s to be up to $ 1 million. This could be crowned the most expensive wine bottle ever.

The European aerospace company Space Cargo Unlimeted is the owner of the wine bottle. In a series of experiments, the company investigated how drinks and food behave in space.

Space station

The Bordeaux wine from 2000 went into the air in a box of twelve bottles in total in November 2019. On board the International Space Station orbiting Earth, the wine bottles were allowed to mature in space for 440 days. At the beginning of this year, the crate of wine was returned via a SpaceX transport vehicle.

The bottle of Bordeaux wine is also sold with extra accessories. For example, the highest bidder also receives a carafe to serve the wine, wine glasses and a corkscrew. The latter is made of parts of a meteorite.


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