Space for 7 adults in the Tesla Model Y? YouTuber tests with its own third row of seats

Production of the Tesla Model Y with the optional third row of seats will start in November, CEO Elon Musk announced in mid-October – so it should be now or soon. However, the electric crossover is smaller than the Model X, whose two additional seats at the very back are already cramped, which is why it has long been puzzled as to how Tesla will accommodate seven people in the Model Y. Shortly after the first deliveries of the normal five-seater version, there were rather crude attempts by Tesla fans to find out. But a YouTuber has now put some effort into it.

YouTuber clears Tesla Model Y out

The seven-seater option for the Model Y is already displayed in the USA (for $ 3,000) and in Germany (for € 3100), but it cannot currently be activated. Despite or because of the feared tightness in the back two seats, there is great interest in it. Tesla CEO Musk, who for a while also offered the Model S with seven seats because of the wealth of his own children, never left any doubts that the option would come.

And so the YouTuber i1Tesla, who also experiments a lot with his Model Y, first takes all floor panels and the right rear seat out of his electric car in a new video. According to his description, under the seat is the “brain” for the battery in the underbody and an important connector on it, which you should never pull out because the Tesla would then fail.

In order to prevent this, i1Tesla is building its own cover for it – and actually its own third row of seats because it specifically wants to test the space available. The individual steps are not shown, but at the end there is a two-seater bench with a black cover like the original five seats in Model Y. The YouTuber lets a shy five-year-old child climb into it via the re-installed and folded right seat pushes into the outermost corner of the self-made third row.

There is easily enough space for the little boy’s head and legs, but the distance between the back seat and the middle row is only around 18 centimeters according to measurements by i1Tesla. The backrest in turn comes close to the rear of the Model Y – but if you close the trunk lid, you can see that there is still some headroom underneath due to its height.

Doubt about 7 adult places

After the work is done, the YouTuber shows the result to the neighbors or Tesla friends gathered. Earlier attempts assumed that the third row in the Model Y would face backwards, but he refers to the presentation of the Tesla, in which it was oriented towards the front like his. Photos of it have also been passed around. They show a similar solution and similarly little foot space as with the tinkered bench, but also give the impression that the second row is mounted on rails so that it can be pushed forward for more space behind.

According to information on the Tesla website, the Model Y should offer “seats for up to seven adults”. The YouTuber doubts that after his attempt and believes that the e-crossover at the very back will at best have enough space for nine-year-olds. It will soon become clear whether Tesla has come up with a better solution after all – the seven-seater deliveries of the Model Y should start this year, according to Musk.


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