Spaceflight without professional astronauts | VW diesel scandal starts | And new supercomputer opened

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It’s like flying without a pilot. But at an altitude of more than 500 kilometers. Tonight, for the first time, only civilians went into space. There are no professional astronauts in the SpaceX rocket during the Inspiration4 mission. “Years of training is not necessary, the computer does almost everything.”

The trial against four suspects in the diesel scandal surrounding Volkswagen starts today. They are suspected of fraud and tax avoidance. Actually, the trial against the former CEO Martin Winterkorn (74) should have started today, but due to health problems of the fallen CEO, the trial against him has been postponed.

Don’t fix it, get rid of it. A 10,000 kilo mountain of electronic waste is being dumped on the Museumplein in Amsterdam. The waste was collected during a competition between schools to collect as much electronic waste as possible from people in the neighborhood. The organization wants to draw attention to the waste problem in our disposable culture.

Fast, faster, faster. Queen Máxima opens the national supercomputer Snellius in Amsterdam. The supercomputer will have almost ten times as much computing power as its predecessor Cartesius: as much as 100,000 laptops linked together. Scientists use the supercomputer to perform complex calculations that are impossible with a normal computer.

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This piece was the most shared yesterday: A waiter of the Amsterdam sushi restaurant Sumo refused to deliver meals during corona time, but did demand a salary. The district court dismissed his claim.

We think you should also read this: The AEX index, the most important indicator of the Amsterdam stock exchange, passed the 800-point mark yesterday. That means that the AEX is doing very well this year, but what else does it say?

And this you may have missed last night: Last night, the House of Representatives debated the difficult evacuations of Afghans and Dutch from Afghanistan until the wee hours. The opposition eventually submitted motions of censure against the responsible ministers Kaag and Bijleveld.

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PS Unemployment is remarkably low for a country that has just emerged from an unforeseen and severe economic crisis. We owe that to the NOW. We must learn from this, says Piet Rietman.

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