SpaceX Internet is to be used on the move – but not in Tesla electric cars, according to Musk

The Starlink satellite Internet from Tesla’s sister company SpaceX can now also be ordered in Germany. If you give your address and credit card details and have 99 euros debited immediately, you can secure “priority” in your own region according to the conditions, if the service is actually offered there. Meanwhile, SpaceX has applied in the US to allow its ground stations to be used on moving objects, including cars. This raised new hopes that Tesla’s electric cars could also be equipped with it – but CEO Elon Musk once again stated that this was not planned.

New SpaceX application to radio supervision

With currently around 1,100 small satellites in low orbit, SpaceX has started to set up a global service for the Internet from space. In the longer term, many thousands of satellites are to be added, but Starlink plans to cover almost the entire inhabited world by the end of this year. The beta test for this began in northern America in October 2020 and has been expanding ever since. The Tesla Gigafactory near Berlin and a German Musk fan are already there.

Part of the package with the Starlink pre-order is the flat receiver bowl for 499 euros, which you only have to roughly point towards space – the technology inside takes care of the exact coordination automatically. The first testers reported convincing data rates with little latency and only infrequent crashes, according to Tesla and SpaceX boss Musk, the service should become faster and more reliable with more satellites.

And according to an application from SpaceX to the US radio supervisory authority FCC, the plan is to use the Starlink bowls, known as Dishy McFlatface, not only stationary, but also mobile. In the application discovered by the blog Teslarati, vehicles, ships and airplanes are named. The technology for this should not change significantly, only a special attachment of the receiver is planned.

Musk: Not for Tesla electric cars

The two Musk companies Tesla and SpaceX are working increasingly closely together, so even after the initial announcements about Starlink, it was speculated that the satellite Internet could be a good addition to the electric cars that were previously networked with cellular cards. Now when the application for Starlink mobile bowls became known, it raised new hopes. But Musk had already described this idea as not very obvious at the beginning of 2020, because Starlink was intended for less densely populated areas and the recipient was relatively large.


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He now repeated this assessment and became even clearer than before: “We do not connect Tesla cars to Starlink because our terminal is much too big. This is for planes, ships, large trucks and mobile campers, ”wrote the Tesla and SpaceX boss on Twitter on Monday about the mobile news.

The Tesla Cybertruck in particular comes close to a caravan and could be on the road a lot in remote areas. Starlink Internet on the loading area would certainly be an almost ideal addition for some mobile workers – and at least one of them announced in a reaction that they would then build the bowl on their own future Tesla pickup.


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