Spahn: Summer vacation in the EU is also possible without a vaccination

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The easing for vaccinated and convalescent people has been decided – anyone who is fully vaccinated or already infected with corona and thus has antibodies against the virus has more freedom in Germany. This means, among other things, that these people are no longer subject to curfew or contact restrictions. According to the Robert Koch Institute, at least 32.3 percent of the German population received the first dose of vaccine. 9.1 percent of Germans are already fully vaccinated. (As of May 8, 2021, 9:40 a.m.).

According to Health Minister Spahn, people without a vaccination in the EU could also enjoy the summer vacation. “Traveling within the EU is unlikely to be dependent on vaccination. You will also be able to move around Europe-wide with the tests, “said Spahn of the” Rheinische Post “on Saturday. He himself is planning his vacation in Germany. “In this hopefully last phase of the pandemic, I would not plan any major long-distance trips, the North Sea rather than the South Sea.”

According to Spahn, Germany is well equipped for mutations of the coronavirus and is now among the top 5 for sequencing worldwide. “And we also secure vaccines that can be adapted to mutations in the EU framework agreements,” said Spahn. According to mRNA researchers, these developments are possible within six to eight weeks, the subsequent approval is feasible in one to two months.

Habeck: Send vaccination teams to socially disadvantaged areas

Meanwhile, calls are being made for stronger measures to even reach all population groups for a first corona vaccination. “Mobile vaccination teams have to go to the socially disadvantaged areas and make an offer – digitally advertised if data protection allows,” said Greens boss Robert Habeck to the newspapers of the “Funke” media group. “Then people can get a text message: Tomorrow at 9:00 am the vaccination mobile will be in front of Aldi.”

And then vaccinations are given in front of the supermarket from morning to evening. That can be expanded, says Habeck. “If vaccines are approved for adolescents, you can vaccinate in schools and your parents too, for example. A lot of creativity should be shown. ”The cancellation of the vaccination sequence could not mean that everyone had to take care of it themselves.

The German Association of Cities has assured that the municipalities at
the vaccination campaign people in socially disadvantaged neighborhoods
address specifically. All large cities would have the district-related ones
An eye on incidences, said the general manager of the German Association of Cities, Helmut Dedy, to the “editorial network Germany”. “They take care of targeting people who are difficult to reach via the usual communication channels.”

The aim is that the existing vaccination offers are accepted and accepted by prioritized people. In addition, mobile vaccination teams are already being used to help people in disadvantaged areas
To reach districts.

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