Spam blockup, previously “Fritzblock”, protects against annoying calls

The tool previously known as “Fritzblock” is now called Spamblockup. It still protects its users from annoying calls.

The Berlin manufacturer AVM not only calls its router Fritzbox, the term “Fritz” also used to refer to a number of tools related to the devices, including the Fritzblock software. Given the catchy name, you knew straight away that the tool was “blocking something on the Fritzbox”. But that’s over now, because the developer had to rename his program because of a possible trademark infringement: Now it’s called spam blockup, but otherwise does its job just as reliably as before. The program developer documents the setup, configuration and use in a total of five short videos.


A clever tool that protects against unwanted advertising calls – provided you have an “AVM router with telephony function” – in short: a Fritzbox.


Fritzbox hacks: unlock hidden functions


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