Spanish police seize 4 million fake mouth masks

Spanish police have confiscated about four million fake surgical face masks in a Madrid hotel.

Spanish agents found the surgical mouth masks with false certificates in a warehouse of a hotel in Leganes, in the southern suburbs of Madrid. The police reported this today.

The boxes were said to be “ready to be shipped” and allegedly filled with FFP2 masks and the Chinese equivalent KN95. These are mouth masks that are more effective than the blue and white surgical masks that are used in hospitals.

But in addition to the boxes, the police also found a printer with which the masks can be printed with a CE mark. Such a label indicates that they comply with European rules.

“The confiscated material suggests that non-approved masks were printed (with a CE mark) so that they could be marketed as certified masks,” the Spanish police said.

The officers tracked down the false masks after they were tipped off about young people who flouted corona measures in the hotel. Police have now arrested the hotel manager on suspicion of falsifying documents.

False corona tests and vaccines

At the beginning of this month, Europol also warned that it expects a growth of false negative Covid-19 test certificates that criminals sell to travelers who want to enter certain countries.

According to the research organization, a man has already been arrested in Spain for selling false certificates via the internet for 40 euros. Also in the Netherlands it came to light that scammers were selling false statements via WhatsApp and Snapchat for amounts between 50 and 60 euros.

Catherine De Bolle, the boss of Europol, warned last week that fake corona vaccines have now also surfaced in Europe. “There is great uncertainty in this crisis. Many people are afraid. Criminals respond to this. They seek out the fears and exploit them. This has already led to false mouth masks and false certificates for negative corona tests. And now also to fake vaccines, ”De Bolle said The Sunday.


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