SparkCharge invents a mobile charger to avoid running out of fuel

The American start-up SparkCharge, founded in 2014 by Josh Aviv, has developed a mobile charging station that can help drivers of an electric car running out of batteries.

This compact system is capable of providing up to 25 km of additional range in 15 minutes. This allows an electric vehicle to add a little autonomy to reach the nearest charging station. A relevant idea when we see the state of the current charging network while sales of electric vehicles continue to increase.

The “The Roadie” mobile charger incorporates cylindrical lithium-ion batteries with a total capacity of 3.5 kWh. It operates with a voltage of 500 volts under 40 amps which allows it to recharge the equivalent of 1.6 km per minute. Charging is up to 6 times faster than a household electrical outlet according to its designer.

The charger can fit in the trunk of a car and it weighs less than 23 kg. It is also possible to add the battery modules to increase their capacity up to 17.5 kWh. This solution makes it possible to equip automobile breakdown companies or vehicle rental companies.

A mobile application called “BoostEV” has also been developed. It makes it possible to put drivers in touch with the assistance services having these chargers. At the same time, the company is also working on a compact version for the general public.

Author’s opinion

If the idea is particularly interesting to allow repairers to intervene quickly to recharge an electric car on site or to facilitate the work of vehicle fleet managers such as rental companies, the idea of ​​being able to take a charger in the trunk of its car deserves thought.

Between the weight, the price and the size, is it really relevant for an individual to have this type of equipment with him? Unless you have to travel frequently to areas very poorly covered by charging station networks, a general public version remains of fairly limited use.

And you ? What do you think of this solution?


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