SPD wants to introduce nationwide 49-euro ticket

As a successor to the 9-euro ticket, the SPD proposes the introduction of a nationwide valid 49-euro ticket.

The SPD federal faction has drawn up a catalog of measures containing proposals for relief for people with low and middle incomes. The paper proposes, among other things, the introduction of a nationwide 49-euro ticket for local public transport, as reported by the Tagesschau on Monday morning. The proposals contained in the paper are to be decided at the SPD parliamentary group meeting on September 1st and 2nd in Meseburg.

The 9-euro ticket expires on August 31, 2022 as planned. A successor has been discussed for some time. At the end of last week, Berlin decided to introduce a 9-euro ticket successor on October 1, 2022, although the exact price has not yet been mentioned.

The federal states and the federal government should each finance 50 percent of the 49-euro ticket. Specifically, the paper from the SPD parliamentary group says: “In cooperation with the federal states, we want to introduce a nationwide public transport ticket with a monthly price of 49 euros, which is shared 50 percent by the federal and state governments.”

Further points of the relief package

The relief package also includes other direct payments for people with low and middle incomes, families, pensioners, students, unemployment benefit recipients and trainees, which have not yet been specified. In addition, it is envisaged that there may be no electricity or gas cutoffs. For tenants who cannot pay their additional costs, there should be a 6-month protection against dismissal.

There should be a “protective shield” for municipal energy suppliers to protect them from insolvency if they have to buy electricity and gas at high prices.

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