Special broadcast: Crypto Corner XL

Loyal viewers of the RTL Z investor talk show Bulls & Bears know the Crypto Corner as a regular part of this program. Crypto fans and interested parties can now indulge themselves with an extra long variant of this: Crypto Corner XL!

NFTs and Don Diablo

In this special broadcast, several crypto connoisseurs will take a look at the current crypto market. There will be a lot of attention for NFTs, the latest crypto trend. We visit Nxt Museum in Amsterdam, the first museum for digital art. And we speak to Don Diablo, the world famous DJ who sold a digital concert through NFT.

Experts in the studio

Crypto Corner XL is presented by Gerben van Driel and the following experts will join the studio:

  • Michael van de Poppe, founder of the crypto platform Eight Global
  • Boudewijn Rooseboom, founder of investment platform Mercury Redstone
  • Krijn Soeteman, journalist and expert on blockchain technology

Got curious? Watch Crypto Corner XL below and let us know what you thought of this special broadcast. Perhaps more episodes will follow…

Watch the video here:

The Crypto Corner XL is made possible in part by Eight Global.

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