Special leasing model: Golf R “20 Years” with 333 hp

20 years Golf R! On this occasion, VW took the opportunity to present the special model “20 Years”. That comes with an impressive 333 hp – 13 hp more than the normal Golf 8 R has to offer. It goes from zero to one hundred in 4.6 seconds, and the top speed increases from 250 to 270 km/h.
In addition to the engine, the look of the anniversary model has also been sharpened. Real carbon in the interior and blue applications, for example on the rims, mirror caps and seats, ensure a special look. The Golf can already be ordered, but with a base price of 59,995 euros it is not exactly a bargain.
But: At (cooperation partner of AUTO BILD), private customers can currently lease the VW Golf 8 R 20 Years for 444 euros gross per month. No deposit is required with this offer. Customers receive the cheapest rate with a contract period of 48 months and 10,000 free kilometers per year (444 euros gross).
Contract terms of 42 (459 euros gross), 36 (460 euros gross), 30 (482 euros gross) and 24 months (510 euros gross) are also possible. And if 10,000 kilometers per year is not enough, you have the option of increasing this in increments of 5,000 to up to 30,000 kilometers per year. (maintenance costs to calculate? To the car insurance comparison!)

Drive two years of Golf R 20 Years for 13,230 euros

In addition, there is a one-time payment of the transfer costs in the amount of 990 euros gross. With a term of two years, the total leasing costs are EUR 13,230 gross (24 times EUR 510 plus EUR 990). If desired, a maintenance service can be booked for EUR 30.68 gross per month.

In return, customers get a freely configurable new car with all sorts of standard equipment. These include, for example, eight-fold tires (winter: 18-inch alloy wheels, summer: 19-inch alloy wheels), “R” seat covers, GPSdigital cockpit, parking aid with reversing camera, heated leather multifunction steering wheel with touch controls and shift paddles, seven-speed DSG, heated sports seats at the front and LED Plus headlights.

The offer is only valid until June 8, 2022

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