Speed ​​camera apps: These cars recognize speed traps from the factory

ATTENTION: There is a fine of 75 euros and a point in Flensburg if you are caught using it – the same penalty as for speed camera apps. Of course, all manufacturers who offer warning systems protect themselves here. The driver is informed about the legal situation in the infotainment menu and must consent to its use – at their own risk. Only then can the warning service be activated.

These car manufacturers currently have a speed camera warning function on board:

▶︎ Genesis:

The relatively unknown luxury brand from Korea belongs to the Hyundai Motor Group. AUTO BILD discovered the function by accident in a G80 of this brand. During a test drive on the central ring road in Munich, the speed indicator in the head-up display suddenly turned red, followed shortly afterwards by a permanently installed speed camera on the side of the road.

The function is standard with Genesis

Coincidence? Also the second and third time pass the same game, red display again. Just above the speed limit, the numbers glowed orange. On request, the manufacturer revealed: “All Genesis models have this function installed as standard. The function can be found in the infotainment system under the Radar Control Warning menu item.”
Hyundai Genesis G80 2.2D

The Genesis G80 is an almost five meter long sedan with plenty of luxury for a reasonable amount of money.

There is a visual warning, either in the head-up display – where only the driver can see it – and/or in the digital instruments. The manufacturer has legally secured itself, the function is deactivated ex works. If you tap on it, there is “a clear warning via pop-up that you should check the legal status before using it,” assures the manufacturer.
And the system warns relatively comprehensively: knows “a total of eight different control systems (stationary, mobile, red light, zones with average speed, etc.)”. It obtains the data from the navigation provider Here.
Kia EV6

The latest Stromer from Kia is called EV6. He can also warn of speed cameras if desired.

▶︎ KIA:

If desired, this can also be used in Kia cars GPS before speed cameras, optically in the navigation display or acoustically. The Korean manufacturer uses Here’s navigation software in all current models. Of course, drivers must also confirm here that they use the warning function at their own risk.

▶︎ Hyundai:

At Hyundai it’s a bit more complicated. The manufacturer is currently still using navigation software from the providers TomTom and Here. For TomTom, the warning function has been deactivated since October 1st, 2020, Here continues to warn. However, only fixed speed cameras are warned.

Hyundai models will soon no longer offer the warning function

The manufacturer could not say exactly which software is used for which models. However, the technicians are currently working on a move for all models to TomTom – soon Hyundai will end the warning function.
Renaults like this Kadjar generation currently still have the warning function on board.

▶︎ Renault:

The French are also warning, but only in a few models: Scénic, Grand Scénic and Kadjar. The service is no longer offered in other current models. But it can still be found in older Renault models with the R-Link 2 infotainment system.

▶︎ TomTom users:

The large navigation system manufacturer TomTom supplies the automotive industry with navigation solutions and also has mobile navigation systems and mobile phone apps in its range.

All devices with TomTom software can optionally warn of speed cameras

The company offers the speed camera warning function for “all solutions that are sold directly to customers in Germany. Mobile navigation solutions, smartphone navigation apps and devices from car manufacturers that have integrated TomTom software can warn of speed cameras if desired, of course within the framework of the legal regulations. However, TomTom recommends customers in Germany to deactivate the service domestically,” said a spokesman for AUTO BILD.
In addition to the aforementioned Hyundai and Renault, TomTom’s customers also include the former PSA Group (Peugeot, Opel, etc.) and the large automotive supplier Denso.

At Stellantis there are no speed camera detectors

Stellantis, the mega corporation made up of FiatChrysler and PSA, tells AUTO BILD that it does not offer any warning devices “since it is not legally permissible”. Supplier Denso “does not pass on any information on product specifications (…) of OEM parts.” The industry understands OEM parts to be those that are sold directly by the supplier to the car manufacturer – including navigation systems. Here the trail at Denso is lost. It is very likely that the TomTom warning function is also partially available in their devices.

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