Speedrun: Beat the Elden Ring in under 9 minutes

A player managed to complete Elden Ring in under 9 minutes. However, he took advantage of glitches.

Elden Ring is the new hit title from the creators of Souls that all fans have been asking for and that’s why it has a large player base. Of course, speed runners also dare to take on the title, and since there are a lot of glitches in the game that can be exploited, as in the Souls series, a real race for the best time has developed in the meantime.

A world record with zipping technology

The latest record is just 8 minutes and 56 seconds and was set by the player “Distortion2” (Youtube account). Key to success for these incredible times here is the so-called “Zip” technique, which is described in the Speedsouls Wiki as follows:

“A Zip is a glitch in Elden Ring that allows players to overcome distances through very high speed/acceleration, thus rapidly teleporting the player to new locations. It is achieved by allowing certain animations to be triggered by very precise inputs at specific points in aligned with the animations. Reaching another location is almost instantaneous after a zip, within the next few frames.”

Speed ​​run with almost no spoilers

Below you can see the video of the current world record. And don’t worry, the speed run comes without any spoilers, apart from 1 – 2 bosses that you get to see.


Elden Ring: Launch trailer for upcoming release

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