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‘Spider-Man 3’ takes place (partly) during the holidays

Spider-Man 3 is in full production. This is evident from various photos from the set that have been leaked. The images revealed even more about the film with Tom Holland (Peter Parker / Spider-Man) and Zendaya (MJ). For example, it takes place (partly) during the holidays.

About Spider-Man 3 a lot has already been said and written. The film would also star ex-Spider-Mans Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield. Also their love interests (Kirsten Dunst and Emma Stone) are said to have had talks to appear in the film.

Donut shop

But Spider-Man 3 is of course about the character of Tom Holland and ‘his’ MJ, played by Zendaya. And those characters have been spotted on a winter set. According to Just Jared the two actors have been spotted on the set of a donut shop. MJ is at work in the store, and Peter wants to talk to her.

Christmas decorations

The same donut shop can be seen in pictures from Atlanta Filming. The big difference is that it is completely decorated with Christmas decorations. From this we can deduce that at least part of the film will take place during the holidays. It is not yet known exactly how big that Christmas piece is.

Spider-Man 3

The filming for the third film with Tom Holland as Peter Parker and Spider-Man has been going on for a few months. Holland announced to the world at the end of October that he had received the script for the film. The young Briton knows his own reputation and made no promise to his followers Spider-Man 3 to reveal. The film will normally be released at the end of this year.


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