Spinach to frozen pizza: These frozen products are Corona winners

A parking space for the converted school bus

Like the Woods, the retiree Keri Gailloux fights for a parking space for her tiny house in these strange times.

Keri Gailloux is a pensioner who travels around the country in her converted school bus. She usually parks her bus in public parks – but there have been some problems lately. She had an eleven-day reservation at Mustang Island Park, Texas. However, she said she was asked to leave the park because it was closed due to the curfew.

Gailloux said she should have begged the parking attendant to allow her to stay a few days longer since there was nowhere else to go. She feared that she would have to live on the street, which would increase her chances of being infected with the corona virus. She described the incident as her “low point”.

Finally, she said that she had managed to convince the park keeper to allow her to stay a few more days while booking a new location in another park. Ultimately, it worked, but Gailloux remains cautious about traveling with her tiny house during this dangerous time.

“People gather in the parks as if everything was normal,” Gailloux told Insider. “I stay alone or with my friend. We have gotten around a lot in the past few months. We are careful, but a touch, a sneeze, or an accidental hug is enough to make you sick. My biggest fear is to be sick, alone with my dog ​​in my bus. What if I am unable to drive to a hospital or clinic? I’m afraid of the fuel pump, I’m afraid of ignorance, I’m afraid that I’ll die and my dog ​​will suffer. ”


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