Spiritfarer: Overtime for the ferryman of the dead – DLC content announced

Since its release in August 2020, the indie title Spiritfarer got a lot of positive feedback. The creative director Nicolas Guerin thanked the fans for their support in a press release. Now Thunder Lotus Games would like to equip the game with new content and has published a roadmap for this. Three major updates are planned for 2021, one each in spring, summer and fall.

Spring update: Lily

The first update brings both more content for the story of Stella and a new character: her little sister Lily. It is nocturnal and ensures that you can steer the boat even in the dark. In addition, there should be quality-of-life improvements and adjustments in co-op mode.

Summer update: Beverly

There is also a new spirit in the second round. This time it’s Beverly, whom Stella already knows from the past. In addition to extensions for Stella’s boat, the Archive Room station is also introduced, where you can find completely new collectibles. Further details are to follow at a later date.

Autumn update: Jackie & Daria

Two are better than one: In autumn, players can meet two new ghosts, namely Jackie and his patient Daria. You meet the two of them in a new area where there will also be a special event. There are also new extensions for the boat and new materials.

You are the ferryman for the dead

In Spiritfarer, you take on the role of ferryman for the dead and build a ship to explore the world. With the help of agriculture, mining, fishing, harvesting, cooking and handicrafts, you will sail across mystical seas and take care of your ghost friends and finally hand them over to the afterlife. The game offers a visually impressive experience that is both entertaining and moving. What will you leave behind

Spiritfarer is available for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PCs via Steam, GOG and the Epic Games Store. The title is also included in Xbox Game Pass for console and PC.

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