SPÖ congratulates, Strache is happy: Politicians react to Ibiza video

FPÖ wants to see video material

The FPÖ takes the seizure of the Ibiza video as an occasion, the timetable for the Committee of Inquiry questioning. Actually, the surveys with “Falter” editor-in-chief Florian Klenk and the two “main actors” Heinz-Christian Strache and Johann Gudenus start.

The Liberal Group Spokesman Christian Hafenecker would rather watch the video instead: “The presence of the entire video changes the situation for the Committee of Inquiry dramatic, “says Hafenecker. He therefore demands that the intended respondents are not loaded on the first scheduled survey day next Thursday, but that the video is shown in the U-committee. “Instead, why should we ask a journalist who claims to have seen the video? It makes absolutely no sense,” he said Hafenecker.

According to the FPÖ parliamentary group leader, the deputies “have the right and the duty to see this material in its entirety and to draw its conclusions from it”. It will also probably be necessary to invite other or additional people to the U-committee.


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