SPÖ is reorganizing communication

Stefan Wenzel-Hirsch will head the media work of the federal party and parliamentary club. Luca Kaiser as a new addition to the club’s press team.

It is being rebuilt within the SPÖ – at least as far as the communication agenda is concerned.

In order to better coordinate the appearances of all channels and to increase the number of media hits, party leader Pamela Rendi-Wagner wants to interlink the management of communications of the federal party and that of the SPÖ club. The current head of communications for the federal party, Stefan Wenzel-Hirsch (45), will be in charge. The long-time press officer of the Parliamentary Club, Peter Pertl, started part-time early retirement a few months ago.

A good media performance in the next few months is particularly important for Rendi-Wagner. Not least because a federal party congress is imminent in 2021, at which the party chairmanship will also be up for debate and Rendi-Wagner will face the vote of the delegates.

Wenzel-Hirsch is considered a close confidante and important strategic advisor to Rendi-Wagner, who has been at the top of the party for years despite the turbulent change.

Under Alfred Gusenbauer he was chancellor spokesman, under Werner Faymann SPÖ communications chief, and press spokesman for Defense Ministers Norbert Darabos and Hans Peter Doskozil. In 2018 he moved from the Ministry of Defense back to the federal party as head of communications.

New entry: Kaiser jr.

After the departure of Ruth Manninger, formerly press officer at the club and the new SPÖ women’s manager since August, there is also a not entirely unknown new addition to the department: Luca Kaiser (26), previously a member of the parliament for health spokesman Philipp Kucher and Max Lercher, is changing to the club’s press team.

In the past few months, Rendi-Wagner has worked particularly closely with Kucher due to the corona and also learned to appreciate Kaiser, it is said. When asked whether his occupation had anything to do with the position of his father (the Carinthian governor Peter Kaiser), party experts replied that apart from that, Kaiser was considered “clever”, he could “really do a lot” and was a “political head”.

Incidentally, Kaiser junior became known in the media as early as 2018 as the top candidate of the SPÖ Carinthia for the EU election. Back then, some of his politically provocative tweets caused a stir – and Kaiser was moved back on the list.


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