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World Cup three cushion longer in Veghel

2.25 pm: The world leaders in three cushion will also come to the Netherlands after 2021. The world federation UMB and the European federation CEB have decided that the current series of world cup competitions in Veghel will be continued. The first edition was won in October by South Korean Kim Haeng-jik. The tournaments for 2020 and 2021 were already on the calendar. An additional three years have now been added.

“It is no coincidence that the Netherlands has recently been assigned the organization of so many major events,” says proud chairman Garmt Kolhorn of the Dutch billiards association KNBB. “The three cushion is incredibly alive here and the three cushion section of our union keeps sticking its neck out to bring events here. In addition, with the BEN Foundation we have the best possible party to organize everything in tip-top fashion.”

Diallo new head coach water polosters Het Ravijn

14.00 hours: The water polosters of ZPC Het Ravijn will be coached next season by Wicher Diallo. The 26-year-old coach takes over from Jan Mensink, who he has assisted in Nijverdal in recent years.

Diallo was active as a water polo player for BZC from Borculo and Het Ravijn, but focused on the trainer’s profession early on. “With the appointment of Wicher we maintain continuity, but at the same time the necessary innovation is introduced around the team,” says Hilda Wouters, chairman of the top sports committee of Het Ravijn.

Water polo: Doudesis back at Polar Bears

09.34 am: Evangelos Doudesis returns after a year of absence as coach of Polar Bears’ water polosters. The Greek said goodbye after last season to be able to fully focus on his position as assistant coach of the Dutch water polo women. Together with head coach Arno Havenga, he prepared the team for the qualification tournament for the Tokyo Olympics, until the corona virus halted the sport.

Doudesis succeeds Alfred van Dorp at the club from Ede, who left last month. In consultation with swimming federation KNZB, it has been decided that Doudesis can also continue to fulfill his role with the Dutch team. The qualifying tournament is now scheduled for January.

Doudesis previously worked at Polar Bears for four seasons with one title and one cup win. “I can’t wait to get back into the club. Together with youth trainer Koen de Weerd, we want to ensure the continuity of the first team, by setting up a solid talent development program for ages between 13-17 years ”, says the Greek.

General: US governors give hope to sports

7.50 am: American sports are getting more and more signals from politics that professional competitions can be resumed next summer. Governors in California, New York and Texas independently hinted at a restart of the top leagues this summer, after the corona crisis shut down the sports world this spring. This mainly concerns basketball (NBA) and baseball (NBL). The NFL American football season should start on September 10 as planned.

“The state of New York is ready and willing to work with major sports clubs if they are interested in playing games without an audience,” Governor Andrew Cuomo wrote on Twitter. “If our professional teams manage to organize it safely, we are ready to support them.”

California Governor Gavin Newson said the Washington Post newspaper said professional sport could begin “moving forward” in early June, while his Texan colleague Greg Abbot cited May 31 as the deadline for the top leagues without an audience to resume. Politicians in Florida and Arizona had previously expressed similar views.

For the time being, all major competitions have been interrupted or are waiting for the start of the season. President Donald Trump has already said several times that, in his view, sports competitions in the United States may start again. Organizations have not yet released plans for a restart and possible dates.


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