Sportkoepel cooperates with health funds for healthy youth Sport

“We see that more and more people are chronically ill. We want to turn the tide. We want to start with the youth where the health disadvantages are greatest,” says director Mark Monsma of the SGF Cooperating Health Funds about the ambitious plan. He is happy with the support of NOC * NSF and Dutch Lottery. “Sports and exercise are an important foundation for a healthy generation. We believe in the enormous strength that can be derived from this unique collaboration.”

Recent international research has shown that Dutch young people live relatively healthy lives, but that there is still room for improvement in many areas. NOC * NSF calls healthy food and certainly also sports and exercise, because this decreases “shockingly” among young people in secondary education.

“We make the Netherlands stronger with the power of sport. In this way, we contribute with conviction to the ambition to have the healthiest generation in the world by 2040,” says director Gerard Dielessen of NOC * NSF. “That is why we like to cooperate with the health funds. This allows us to strengthen youth sport in the Netherlands and help these health funds to actually realize the healthiest generation.” A concrete program will be developed in the coming period.


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