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Sports stupid? Try a dance workout!


Chances are you’ve heard this term before. Zumba was set up as a fitness program based on Latin American dance. Think of salsa, merengue and samba. During a Zumba class you do exercises to exciting music. Since you are constantly dancing, you do not realize that you are burning hundreds of calories at the same time!


Aerobics is an efficient way of moving that is often done to music. You train your strength, flexibility and coordination – and don’t forget: it is also a lot of fun! Normally, aerobics is often given in a group lesson, but on YouTube, among others, you will find many videos that you can follow and where you can just do a lesson at home.

Lower body workout

Do you want to pay some extra attention to your hips and buttocks? Then go for a workout such as the ‘Lower Body Dance Workout’ (see below). During these types of videos you dance your fit and form in a way that is easy to maintain and does not get boring. You can do it alone, but make it even more fun by inviting friends for example.

Cardio dance workout

Do you feel like going out of your way for a while? Dance like nobody’s watching using a cardio dance workout. Guaranteed to sweat, burn calories, a sky-high heart rate and a satisfied feeling afterwards. Cardio dance workouts are available for all levels and are therefore easy to follow for everyone.


For the more advanced dancers among us, we have something else: hip-hop dance workouts. It is not only important that you have a sense of rhythm: good technique is also not an unnecessary luxury. Give it a try, you will be amazed at your own ability!

Give it a try and see what you like best. A workout that you enjoy doing will last you longer. Good luck!


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