Spotify blocks playlist export services

The SongShift service cannot export playlists from Spotify for use in another service from its latest version, SongShift reports. Until now, users of services such as Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer and YouTube Music were able to transfer their playlists from one service to another with Songshift.

Due to a change in its developer terms, the export of playlists is no longer possible for SongShift. The same also applies to the comparable services TuneMyMusic and Soundizz.

Import is still allowed

It is still possible to import the exported playlists from competing services to Spotify with such services. The developer of SongShift was told by Spotify that it could choose between removing the export feature or losing its total access to Spotify. SongShift opted for the second option so that its users would not lose all functionality.

Complain about Apple

The move is striking, because Spotify is known as a fierce supporter of an equal and fair market. For example, Spotify filed a complaint against Apple last year, because the policy surrounding the App Store is unfair according to Spotify. In September, Spotify joined a coalition that speaks out against Apple’s market position.

Spotify has not yet explained its steps against the playlist services.


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