Spotify hijacks podcasts: curse or blessing?

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Spotify announced this week that it has signed an exclusive, multi-year contract with popular podcaster Joe Rogan. He makes one of the world’s most popular podcasts, soon his fans will have to go to Spotify. A minor landslide, and not Spotify’s first major podcast investment.

Why does the music service do that? And where is it going with the podcast’s increasingly popular medium?

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Tips from this episode:

Podcast: Grounded with Louis Theroux, in which documentary filmmaker Theroux discusses the uncomfortable situation of the corona lockdown with guests he calls. Theroux is familiar with the strange and uncomfortable; he has already made known series about neo-Nazis and Scientology.

Video: Cheap Bike versus Super Bike, for the amateur cyclist who wonders: does such an expensive bicycle actually make sense? The Global Cycling Network compared a cheap bicycle to a very expensive model and selected it.

Book / app: Easy Vegetable Garden by Jelle Medema, with which everyone with two left hands can fix a vegetable garden. There is a book, an app of course with the Easy Vegetable Garden Coach and you can buy the seeds and the right soil mix and stuff in the webshop.

Series: The Imagineering Story, a documentary series on Disney +. It’s about the imagineers, the creative technicians who design the Disney parks and invent attractions. The series starts at the very first Disneyland, a vision of Walt Disney, and then ends all important moments.


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