Spotify is considering a special subscription only for podcasts

There is a chance that you can or must soon take out a separate subscription to listen to exclusive podcasts at Spotify. The streaming service has recently invested heavily in podcasts and now seems to be looking for ways to link them to a paying subscription service.

The news of Spotify’s potential plans comes from Andrew Wallenstein of the Variety website. He noticed that Spotify asked users in a survey which subscriptions for podcasts they would be interested in.

The options that were given vary from 3 to 8 dollars (2.5 to 6.8 euros) per month. They include various features such as ad-free podcasts, exclusive content and much more.

Independent of music subscriptions

Spotify emphasizes in its survey that the new hypothetical service is separate from the current existing subscriptions. It is not clear whether the new subscriptions would affect the availability of podcasts for those with a regular subscription to Spotify.

At the moment you can listen to all podcasts on the streaming service for free with advertisements in between. If you have a Premium subscription, you get it without ads.

A lot of money for podcasts

Spotify has recently been making a massive investment to secure a podcast deal. For example, at the end of last year, it paid $ 200 million (170 million euros) for Gimlet Media and 140 million dollars (120 million euros) for Anchor.

This year it added again The Joe Rogan Experience to it. Those podcasts will only be available exclusively on Spotify at the end of the year. Also with Kim Kardashian and Warner Bros. it closed lucrative deals.

Partly thanks to all that extra content, Spotify continues to grow rapidly. The service already has some 150 million paying subscribers.


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