Spotify is working on Stories function for within music service

The test option was noticed by users of the music platform. At the top of a playlist of Christmas hits is a button to view the Stories.

Once tapped, the app shows short videos from listed artists, including Jennifer Lopez, Kelly Clarkson and Pentatonix.

“We regularly test functions within Spotify to improve the user experience,” a spokesperson told Engadget. “Sometimes those tests resulted in functions that are widely deployed, while others are just a learning moment for us.”

The company does not want to reveal whether the Stories will also be definitively added after the tests.

Facebook, Snapchat and Twitter

In terms of design, the Stories appear identical to those within the many apps from Facebook, including Instagram. That company, in turn, stole the functionality from Snapchat. Twitter also recently added a Stories alternative with Fleets.

Spotify does differ slightly from its competitors, by only letting artists make Stories. In social networks, everyone has access to the opportunity.


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