Spotify Kids: Parents can request listening history and block content

In October last year, Spotify launched its Spotify Kids app. Today, the company is adding two new features to the app that will help parents monitor what their children are listening to.

For example, as of today, parents have access to their child’s listening history. In addition, they can also block specific content.

Consult and block

To view your child’s settings, go to the Spotify Kids app and press “Grown Ups”. Now you can select which history you want to see (of one of your children). As a parent, you can return to listening history for up to three months. You can also choose to block certain numbers. When your child wants to play the song, a red icon will show that the song is blocked.

Blocked numbers are linked to personal accounts. This means that blocked numbers can no longer be heard on the son’s account, but can be listened to on his sister’s account. Parents can cancel the blocking at any time by clicking on the red icon.

Still in the starting blocks

Spotify Kids now contains 8,000 songs, stories and audiobooks. At the launch last year, that number stood at 6,000. In the app you will find more than 125 different playlists that are adapted to children. If you know that on the normal Spotify app 20,000 new songs are added every hour, then you know that Spotify Kids is still in the starting blocks.

The ability to access listening history and block songs are just the first step to better parental control over their children’s music consumption. More features and content for Spotify Kids are on the way.


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