“Spotify Kids” starts as a beta version – that’s what the app offers you


Spotify extends the test phase of its kids app to Germany.

In addition to control functions for parents, the streaming service offers popular radio plays for children.

The beta version “Spotify Kids” has been available in Germany since today and is free for Spotify Premium Family members.

From now on, the beta version “Spotify Kids” of the music streaming platform Spotify is also available in Germany, as the tech portal heise reports. Spotify accelerated the launch of the “Kids App” as millions of children are forced to stay at home during the coronavirus pandemic. The child-friendly app for Android and iOS offers around 30,000 songs and 170 playlists for a target group of children from three to about twelve years.

The app is available as a free add-on for Spotify Premium Family subscribers. According to Spotify, the app offers a “child-friendly audio experience” with editorially selected pieces of music and radio plays.

Classics like “The Three ???” and “Benjamin the Little Flower”

When choosing the media, Spotify emphasized family friendliness and relevance among young target groups. Popular radio drama series such as “Die three ???” and “Benjamin Blümchen” are also represented in Germany. But there are also soundtracks for popular children’s films such as “Frozen”, children’s songs and age-appropriate pop songs by Taylor Swift or Lena.

Among other things, they want to further expand the control options for parents. It is currently possible to assign a child’s user profile to one of two age filters and to view its streaming history for the past three months. Individual songs or radio plays can also be specifically blocked there.

According to Spotify, the app is ad-free and should remain so in the future as it is linked to the already ad-free premium model from Spotify for families. This allows up to five user profiles for children, which are managed by the owner of the main family account.

Spotify follows suit

With the Germany launch, Spotify Kids is now available in 14 countries. The child-friendly app is part of a group of platforms such as Facebook and YouTube, which have already published “kids” versions of their services.

However, not every platform attaches great importance to protecting children’s privacy. Other platforms have had trouble with this. A lack of data protection has already become expensive for YouTube: Last year, the company had to pay US $ 170 million in a comparison because it is said to have collected and sold data from young users. Read Too

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