Spotify now lets you search for songs based on lyrics

Spotify has launched a new update for its application on Android and iOS. It is even easier to search for the song you want to hear. From now on you can just type in a part of the lyrics and Spotify will show you all possible songs that contain those words.

Everyone knows the feeling where you have a certain song in your head without knowing exactly what it is called or who owns it. Thanks to Spotify, it is now a lot easier to fix that problem.

The streaming service has added a new function to its latest update for Android and iOS that makes it possible to search songs based on lyrics. This option already existed with the streaming service Apple Music.

Lyrics in search bar

Using the new feature of Spotify is very easy. You go to the search bar in the application and type one or more words of the lyrics of a song. The streaming service then shows in which numbers that text occurs. The more words you enter, the more precise the search results will be and the faster you will find the song you are looking for. But even with a minor error, there is a good chance that Spotify will show the correct result.

To avoid confusion, Spotify also always put under the search result “Match for lyrics” if it is based on the lyrics that they show you a certain song.


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