Spotted: Dutch soldiers fly around with ‘revolutionary’ jet packs

The Dutch Marine Corps has recently conducted tests with a jetpack. This makes it possible for special forces to overcome vertical obstacles more easily, it sounds.

Dutch soldiers have carried out tests with the so-called Gravity Fly Suit, a flight suit that allows someone to move through air in armor with jet engines. Thanks to the Fly Suit, the military can reach places that were previously virtually inaccessible, according to the Dutch Defense.

For example, the marines practiced with the suit when boarding ships and in built-up areas. According to Major Mark Haasdijk, the suit works very intuitively: “We only took some first steps by flying a little bit at limited power”.

“Easier than expected

There are motorcycles on the back and arms. The military can control the speed and height with a throttle in hand. “By moving your body and your arms, you generate upward pressure. It’s a matter of finding balance in the air, ”says Haasdijk after a short flight. “It was easier than you might think.”

According to Defense, an evaluation will now follow, after which a decision will follow whether and how the marines can use the suit. “We will now mainly look at the military application,” he says. “The great thing is that these kinds of developments make things possible that we wouldn’t think of ourselves. This opens doors. ”

Also interested in the US and UK

The US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) is also investigating whether it can deploy a “portable personal air mobility system” in military missions. In early March, the institute launched a call to submit proposals that could assist in the development of such a system.

Last year, the British Royal Navy also announced that it is already experimenting with jet packs from Gravity Industries, a company founded by former British Marine Richard Browning.



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