Square Enix Presents: Publisher Announces Own Direct Format for March 18th

Square Enix is ​​following suit and will soon give the go-ahead for its own direct format. How to do today announced, the first “digital-direct” Square Enix Presents will take place on March 18th at 6 pm German time.

Square Enix Presents is nothing new. As early as 2013, Square Enix established the show for the first time as part of what was then E3. After that there were a few more presentations, some of which were specific to individual games. Unfortunately, the concept was then dropped, although it has become more and more popular over the years. So now Square Enix Presents is being revived.

There is already a concrete plan for March 18. The new Life is Strange will be presented in a world premiere. The new Life is Strange will feature a brand new protagonist with an exciting new power.

The line-up for Square Enix Presents

Outriders, Marvel’s Avengers and Balan Wonderworld will also be featured. You would also like to celebrate the 25th birthday of Tomb Raider. And the sister company TAITO should also be present.

Just Cause Mobile is on the agenda as well as “new mobile games” from Square Enix Montreal. Square Enix has scheduled the show for a total of 40 minutes, with “new trailers and new announcements”. The show will be broadcast on Youtube and Twitch.

Explicitly not part of the line-up is what fans are looking forward to the most: Final Fantasy XVI and the next episode of Final Fantasy VII Remake. We shouldn’t see Final Fantasy XVI again until 2021 – but 2021 has been around for a while now!

And of course, such a format also raises expectations. Square Enix’s list is final, however. There is no talk of additional surprises and the new announcements that are to be made have already been named in some concrete terms.

We are excited!

Images: Square Enix


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