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Staatsbosbeheer will ban wild camping, ‘too much nuisance’

Staatsbosbeheer closes with immediate effect the seventeen places in our country where wild camping was allowed. According to the forest and nature manager, some users cause nuisance.

Fire was increasingly used, waste and toilet paper was left behind, destruction was caused and spent longer and with more people than allowed overnight. Supervision and enforcement turned out to be no longer feasible due to the extensive improper use of the pile camping areas, Staatsbosbeheer explains.

Wild camping sites have existed for decades

The wild camping spots of Staatsbosbeheer are called “pile camping areas”, named after the pile in a forest or on a field that indicates that a maximum of three tents can be used for free overnight. The grounds have no facilities.

camping waste
Staatsbosbeheer will ban wild camping, because people leave too much waste and sit together too much.

Campers must bring their own water and are only allowed to boil something on a camping burner. Trekkers are allowed to stay in the same place for up to 72 hours and must leave nature pristine upon departure. The pile camping areas have existed for decades, according to Staatsbosbeheer.

The foundation is disappointed with the decision of the National Forest Service. “Shutting down the locations is a premature decision,” said Bas van der Voort, spokesman for the foundation. According to him, it does not have to get this far, because there are enough possibilities to reduce the nuisance. “Closing these locations directly does not do justice to the interests of well-intentioned holidaymakers,” he says.

‘Very annoying’

“It is very annoying for holidaymakers who did enjoy the grounds before their rest, but the nuisance has become too great,” admits Staatsbosheer. About thirty wild camping sites of other managers remain in the Netherlands. You just have to be patient, because all areas are currently closed due to the corona measures.

Camping in the backyard is of course possible. We made this story earlier.

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Staatsbosbeheer will ban wild camping, “too much nuisance”


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